Goodbye Hot Belly Mama...

Hello fellow bloggers, readers friends & family,

I've made the decision to leave the Hot Belly Mama blog address behind and move to a private location. I have saved all of my posts, photos and comments from the last two years (so they are not lost!). From now on I am going to be blogging in a private blog which means that I have to add you as a reader and it will not show up when googled.

Leave a comment below with your email address and a link to your blog and I will add you to the list of approved readers. Comment moderation is set to private so your email will not be seen by others at any time. Once you send me an email and a link to your blog, I will add you to my list of readers.

Follow-up: a few people have asked if they can add the new blog to their blogroll. Yes! Since the blog is and will remain private and only available to those by invite - there is no concern about anyone finding it. If it's on your blogroll, other readers cannot access it.

If you still need the link to my new blog. Leave a comment here and I will send it to you.